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What’s The Most Important Question, and Why?

The following answers to this question of questions each win a random book.
[Issue 92 :: September/October 2012]

Are ‘Matters of Taste’ Matters of Taste?

Michael Langford argues for a degree of objectivity in aesthetics.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012]

The Denial of the Will-To-Live in Literature and Music

Eva Cybulska considers Schopenhauer’s influence on writers and composers.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012]

The Philosophy of Giving

Claire Hamlett reports on two new altruistic initiatives launched by philosophers.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012]

Hallucinatory Experience & Religion Formation

Shawn Harte considers how hallucination might be mistaken for the supernatural.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012]

How Not To Forgive

Wendell O’Brien is unforgiving about forgiveness.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012]

Kurt Gödel (1906-1978)

Alistair MacFarlane shows how the life of this logician reached beyond pure logic.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012]

Galahad vs Odysseus

Emrys Westacott on honour codes and strategic thinking in sport and beyond.
[Issue 90 :: May/June 2012]

The Ethics of Taxation

Richard Baron finds that philosophy need not be taxing.
[Issue 90 :: May/June 2012]

Reason as a Universal Constant

Stuart Greenstreet asks if C.S. Lewis was right that reason proves the supernatural.
[Issue 90 :: May/June 2012]

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