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Tag: "cartoons"

Pekaresque Adventures

Tim Madigan on aesthetics and identity in American Splendor.
[Issue 73 :: May/June 2009 :: Food for Thought]

Comics and Philosophy

John Lent explores three dimensions of philosophy in 2D comics.
[Issue 73 :: May/June 2009 :: Comics]

Frank McLaughlin

Frank McLaughlin has worked on wellknown American newspaper strips including Nancy, Brenda Starr and Gil Thorp, and was a regular inker for Marvel and DC. His latest project with long time collaborator Dick Giordano is the graphic novel White Viper, which can be seen at ComicMix.com. He also teaches at Paier College in Connecticut. Jeff McLaughlin talks to him.
[Issue 73 :: May/June 2009 :: Interview]


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