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Tag: "ethics/moral philosophy"

Philosophers At The Dog Auction

How Kim Kavin found herself considering the philosophies of Kant, Mill and Singer at America’s biggest legal dog auction.
[Issue 126 :: June/July 2018 :: Articles]

Our Duty to the Dead

Stamatina Liosi enlists the help of Immanuel Kant to discover why we have a duty to treat the dead with dignity.
[Issue 126 :: June/July 2018 :: Articles]

Ethics, Knowledge and Truth in Sports Research by Graham McFee

Paul Davis commentates on some philosophy of sports research.
[Issue 126 :: June/July 2018 :: Books]

Hannah Arendt and the Human Duty to Think

Shai Tubali considers the roots and implications of Arendt’s active philosophy.
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018 :: Heidegger]

The Golden Rule Revisited

Paul Walker and Ally Walker wonder if the Golden Rule could be a stand-alone ethic.
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018 :: Articles]

The Not So Golden Rule

Dan Flores argues that the Golden Rule can’t be followed, even in principle.
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018 :: Articles]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Jason Eberl and Kevin Decker philosophize among the stars. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018 :: Films]

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018 :: Cartoon]

Are You A Garbled Relativist?

Ray Prebble argues that moral relativism is both incoherent and immoral.
[Issue 124 :: February/March 2018 :: Articles]

Torpid In A Taxi

Seán Moran contemplates a comatose cabbie.
[Issue 124 :: February/March 2018 :: The Street Philosopher]

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