Each issue of Philosophy Now is read by around 30,000 of the most thoughtful, book-loving, and friendly people you could ever meet. If you wish to promote anything connected to philosophy then it is hard to imagine a more desirable group of individuals to reach with your message. For more than thirty years some of the world’s foremost publishing companies have advertised on our pages.

Why Choose Us?

1. Niche Market: Our magazine is dedicated solely to philosophy, so the proportion of our sizeable readership with at least some interest in philosophy is close to 100%. When you advertise anything philosophy-related with us, you know you are reaching exactly and exclusively the right audience.

2. Books: Past reader surveys have indicated that our readers are voracious readers and tend on average to buy a LOT of books. Extrapolating numbers from those surveys we estimate that between them they buy up to half a million books per year.

3. Courses and Events: If you are seeking to promote a philosophy event or a university philosophy course (especially one based on distance learning) you can greatly benefit from our advertising space. Our readers are eager to participate in meaningful events that fuel their intellectual curiosity and expand their knowledge.

4. Diverse Formats: Our advertising options cater to your specific needs, whether it’s an advert on the page in the print magazine, an ad in our app, or a banner on our website.

5. Global Reach: Philosophy knows no borders, and neither does our readership. Reach a worldwide audience of academics, students, amateur philosophers, and the general educated public who all share a love of wisdom and a desire to understand our world better.

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