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Institutional customers

If buying for a library or college please visit our page for Institutions.

Annual subscription rates (6 issues)

United Kingdom£ 18.00£ 31.00
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How to buy a single copy of Philosophy Now

To buy a single copy, please send a cheque for £ 4.25 (if you live in the UK), $ 11.00 (if you live in the USA) or £ 7.50 / $ 11.00 if you live anywhere else to the address below:

Philosophy Now
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For enquiries about buying subscriptions or back issues, please email:

How to subscribe (outside the United States)

Please send your order with a cheque made payable to "Philosophy Now" to:

Philosophy Now
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SE14 5NQ
United Kingdom

How to subscribe in the United States

If you live in the United States, you can subscribe via the Philosophy Documentation Center in Virginia by calling them toll free on 800-444-2419 or emailing them at

Subscriptions for libraries

Libraries can buy institutional Print or IP access subscriptions via our Shop for Institutions. Alternatively subscriptions can be purchased via all the main subscription agencies, including Swets and EBSCO. If your library is in the USA you can also susbcribe via the Philosophy Documentation Center.

Other exciting ways to buy Philosophy Now

In the United Kingdom, Philosophy Now is sold from several hundred newsagents around the country, including many branches of WHSmith. Numerous city-centre bookshops and university bookshops also stock it, particularly branches of Blackwell’s and Waterstones.

In the Irish Republic, Philosophy Now is available from newsagents in some areas, including Dublin. Some branches of Eason’s stock it.

In the USA and Canada, Philosophy Now is widely available from news-stands, bookstores and magazine stores. Many Barnes & Nobles carry it. In Canada you can often find it in your local Chapters store. In case of difficulty, call Disticor Magazine Distributors on 905-619-6565. They can tell you your nearest stockist.

In Australia, Philosophy Now is now available from newsagents in all major cities. If you can’t find it near you, ask us and we’ll try to find your nearest stockist.

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