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This page is for libraries, schools and colleges that wish to order institutional print or IP access subscriptions to Philosophy Now. If you are ordering as an individual, or if you want to buy back issues, bookazines or binders, please visit our main Shop.

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Issue 156

Free IP Access Trial and Sample Issue

Try our IP Access subscription to philosophynow.org for your library, school or college free for 30 days. It includes unlimited access to our archive of over 3,500 philosophy articles from past issues.

If you are interested in a print subscription for your library, school or college, we can email you a free PDF sample issue of Philosophy Now magazine.

Please send your request for an IP Access trial subscription or a PDF sample of the magazine to institutions@philosophynow.org. If requesting an IP Access trial subscription, please include your IP address range for access.

IP Access

IP Access allows unrestricted access to Philosophy Now’s website for your students and faculty. Access is controlled by IP address range which means that users can log in automatically without a password and can access philosophynow.org from any computer on your campus. They will be able to access every article from the current issue and all 3,500+ articles from past issues. Our IP Access system also supports referrer URLs and EZproxy for off-campus access. (Find out more about IP Access.)

What is IP Access?

IP Access is a widely-used system by which subscribing libraries can connect to the website of a magazine or an academic journal. Access is based on a list of IP addresses that you supply, which means that when a user on your campus visits that website, the site will recognize them as coming from a subscribing institution and will therefore allow them access without requiring a username or password.

IP Access to Philosophy Now

IP Access enables your students and faculty to have unrestricted access to Philosophy Now’s vast website. They will be able to read every article from the current issue and also all of the 3,500+ articles from all of our 150 past issues right back to 1991. Your users can access philosophynow.org from any computer, tablet or smartphone on your campus, and any number of users can access our website simultaneously.

Off-Campus Access

Our system can also be configured to allow your users access even when they are off-campus, using referrer URLs or EZproxy identification. To set up a referrer URL, you put a link to Philosophy Now on a page within a password-protected area of your library website. You then give us the URL of that page and we add it to your account. Then any user coming to Philosophy Now from that page is treated as if they are on-campus – which has been a useful tool for those working from home.

Our Valued Subscribers

Since we introduced them in 2009, IP Access subscriptions to Philosophy Now have grown steadily in popularity. Our IP Access customers now include some of the world’s leading university libraries, including Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley and Cambridge among many others. Nearly a hundred secondary schools and high schools worldwide are also repeat subscribers to Philosophy Now IP Access. Teachers have found it a particularly valuable teaching resource for Years 12 and 13, especially for students taking the International Baccalaureate.

How to Subscribe to Philosophy Now IP Access

Simply add IP Access to your shopping basket and complete the checkout.

IP Access

IP Access to Philosophy Now

Access to our online edition and archive for an unlimited number of users for one year.
$ 165.00

Philosophy Now is the world’s biggest-circulation philosophy periodical. It carries accessible, original articles on all aspects of philosophy, often by well-known thinkers. Articles are abstracted in the British Humanities Index and elsewhere. A useful publication for teachers and students of philosophy and other humanities subjects.

Print subscription

Institutional Print Subscription to Philosophy Now

A year’s subscription (6 bi-monthly issues) for your library, department or college. An institutional print subscription does not include access to our online edition and archive.
$ 61.00

IP Access + Print Subscription

IP access and print subscription

A year’s campus-wide IP-based access to our online edition and archive for an unlimited number of users as well as a year’s print subscription.
$ 198.00 (14% discount)

Notes for institutional customers

If you order IP Access, we will contact you by email to ask for the IP address ranges for which you require access.

Our online shop is safe and convenient, but alternatively we are also happy to invoice institutions if required.

Libraries can request a free trial subscription for one month by emailing institutions@philosophynow.org.

Please send enquiries, requests or order numbers to institutions@philosophynow.org.

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