Columns: The Art of Living

Three Types of Philosophy Text

Massimo Pigliucci organizes his library.
[Issue 162: June/July 2024]

On Listening

Massimo Pigliucci hears from Plutarch.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

The Discipline of Assent

Massimo Pigliucci tells us to stop impulsively judging.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]

The Discipline of Action

Massimo Pigliucci tells us how to practice forebearance.
[Issue 159: December 2023 / January 2024]

The Discipline of Desire

Massimo Pigliucci helps us to know our limits.
[Issue 158: October/November 2023]

The Three Disciplines of Epictetus

Massimo Pigliucci looks at the core principles for a Stoic life.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023]

The Six Core Virtues

Massimo Pigliucci finds six ethical ideals shared by all cultures.
[Issue 156: June/July 2023]

How To Live A Happy Life, With Seneca

Massimo Pigliucci shares some Stoic standards.
[Issue 155: April/May 2023]

Philosophy For Everyday Life

Massimo Pigliucci considers the usefulness of philosophy.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]


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