Fiction: Humour

Synthetic Philosophy: A Manifesto

Neven Sesardic introduces a revolutionary new way to gain philosophical insight.
[Issue 98: September/October 2013]

A Short History of Philosophers’ Haircuts

Sean Gittins informs us of the incontrovertible but hitherto unresearched link between philosophy and hair style.
[Issue 98: September/October 2013]

P.K.F. Robinson (1908-2012)

Michael O’Connor reports on the Diagonalist English philosopher sadly crushed to death by his ‘Philosophical House’.
[Issue 90: May/June 2012]

Religious Guidance

Radio personality Dr Laura Schlessinger is a chat show phenomenon, dispensing advice to the thousands of callers and millions of regular listeners to her show. She recently ran into controversy for her outspoken Biblically-based criticisms of homosexuality. The following open letter to Dr Laura appeared on the internet…
[Issue 35: March/April 2002]

Restaurant Metaphysics

Mark Leech on causality and coffee.
[Issue 27: June/July 2000]


A lost dialogue, featuring Socrates and Plato and translated by Trevor Curnow.
[Issue 26: April/May 2000]

The Philosophy of Horace Rump

by Professor Horace Rump (as dictated to Ronald R. Johnson)
[Issue 18: Summer 1997]

Voluntary Sex

Peter Cave stumbles on some slippery slope arguments.
[Issue 17: Spring 1997]

Kant’s advice to the lovelorn

Mike Harding on philosophers who could answer real questions.
[Issue 15: Spring/Summer 1996]

Campsite Ethics

James Leech on the dilemmas of being a campsite philosopher.
[Issue 14: Winter 1995/96]

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