General Articles: Debate

Euthanasia Debate (I)

Tim Chappell explains “Why Euthanasia is in Nobody’s Interest”.
[Issue 40: March/April 2003]

Euthanasia Debate (II)

Joachim Jung’s “Withdrawing from Life” challenges Tim Chappell.
[Issue 40: March/April 2003]

Euthanasia Debate: Counterpoint (II)

Tim Chappell’s reply to Joachim Jung.
[Issue 40: March/April 2003]

Euthanasia Debate: Counterpoint (I)

Joachim Jung’s reply to Tim Chappell.
[Issue 40: March/April 2003]

Introducing Consciousness

David Papineau and Ted Honderich recently locked horns at Borders Bookstore in London, in a debate organised by Philosophy For All and Philosophy Now.
[Issue 29: October/November 2000]

Round Table Debate: Science versus Philosophy?

Given the success of science, do we really need philosophy? Four distinguished scientists and philosophers and about 170 members of the public gathered in a London bookstore to hammer out the issues. This robust and good-humoured Round Table was the second in the series held by Philosophy Now and Philosophy For All to examine how philosophy relates to other ways of seeing the world.
[Issue 27: June/July 2000]

Round Table Debate: Religion versus Philosophy?

Does religion need philosophy? Or vice versa? Are they rival ways of seeing the world? What do faith and reason have to say to each other? In the dying days of the old millennium, Philosophy Now and the organisation Philosophy For All gathered four distinguished thinkers in front of a large audience in a London bookstore to debate this most millennial of questions.
[Issue 26: April/May 2000]


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