General Articles: Overview

What’s New in… Philosophy of Language

The 20th century saw the complex relationship between language, mind and world become absolutely central to philosophy. Steven Geisz guides us through the debates, the different positions and the latest thinking.
[Issue 33: September/October 2001]

What’s New in… African Philosophy

African thinkers are confronting their continent’s vast problems and grappling with the nature of their own intellectual and cultural heritage. Safro Kwame casts a critical eye over the scene and describes the philosophers and their work.
[Issue 28: August/September 2000]

What’s New in… Ethics (part 1!)

Our overview articles reveal what’s going on now in different areas of philosophy. There is just too much happening in ethics for a single overview, so we asked Abdelkader Aoudjit to describe and comment on one strong tendency which is a major feature of the current ethics scene – the rebellion against theories.
[Issue 26: April/May 2000]

What’s New in… Aesthetics

Kai Hammermeister on the beauty business.
[Issue 24: Summer 1999]

What’s New in… Chinese Philosophy

Anja Steinbauer on modern developments in an ancient philosophical tradition.
[Issue 23: Spring 1999]

What’s New in…. Medical Ethics

Mark Daniels describes the debates, the dilemmas and the philosophers who wrestle with them.
[Issue 22: Winter 1998/99]

What’s New in…. Philosophy of Religion

Daniel Hill describes how the work of Alvin Plantinga has revolutionised Philosophy of Religion.
[Issue 21: Summer/Autumn 1998]

What’s New in… Ancient Philosophy

In the first of our ‘Overview’ series, Mark Daniels describes the latest work on the earliest philosophers.
[Issue 20: Spring 1998]


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