General Articles

The Science of Archaeology

by Ken Dark
[Issue 3 :: Summer 1992]

The State of Philosophy in the USSR

by V.B. Shneider and R.N. Holstinin
[Issue 3 :: Summer 1992]

The Best of All Possible Next Worlds

by John Green
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

Precognition and Backwards Causation

by Keith Seddon
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

Kindness in the Cold

Tony Skillen has an attack of altruism.
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

The Very Real Ghost of a Demon

by Paul Tappenden
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

All in the Imagination

Is it healthy to have a realistic outlook on life? How might that affect, for example, your attitude to the arts? Michael Bulley considers some of the consequences of how we view the objective world.
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

Flew’s Moving Claims

by Roger Squires
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

The Presence of Mind

Daniel Hutto on Causation, Naturalism and Folk Psychology.
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

Herd Philosophy and the Rhetoric of Enlightenment

by John Mann
[Issue 2 :: Winter 1991]

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