News: February/March 2024

Sadly, our news round-up this time is dominated by the deaths of four well-known philosophers. This does at least give us a chance to briefly set out the ideas of these intrepid thinkers. Their overlapping interests and concerns reveal much about the course Continental philosophy took in the shadow of the Cold War and afterwards. — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]

News: December 2023 / January 2024

A new (and problematic) use for chatbots • Monkey business with stem cells • Consciousness: Koch loses bet to Chalmers — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 159: December 2023 / January 2024]

News: October/November 2023

Cornel West runs for President • Hypatia flees… to Glasgow • NTT launches its own philosophy institute — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 158: October/November 2023]

News: August/September 2023

Harry Frankfurt, philosopher, has died • So has Milan Kundera, novelist and thinker • Violent attack on philosophy class — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 157: August/September 2023]

The Association of Philosophy Teachers Conference Report

Paul Moore-Bridger reports from an exciting new frontier for philosophy.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023]

News: June/July 2023

Big Brother learns to read your mind • Philosophy teachers resolve to associate • Scottish ethicists back euthanasia bill — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 156: June/July 2023]

News: April/May 2023

Computer made of mouse brain cells • Microsoft disbands AI ethics team • RIP Ernst Tugendhat — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 155: April/May 2023]

News: February/March 2023

Hegel discovery rocks Munich • Tech advances help avoid animal testing • Final frontier for ethics — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]

News: December 2022 / January 2023

Effective Altruism billionaire goes bust • Animal welfare meets big game theory • Philosophers of physics reach critical mass? — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 153: December 2022 / January 2023]

News: October/November 2022

Karl Jaspers Reloaded • Eth-letes Compete in Schools Olympiad • Kripke, Noddings and Shoemaker dead — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 152: October/November 2022]

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