Animal Wrongs?

Nicholas Everitt reviews a new book on Animal Experimentation edited by Robert Baird and Stuart Rosenbaum.
[Issue 6 :: Summer 1993]

The End?

Mike Fuller reviews Fukuyama’s controversial book The End of History and the Last Man.
[Issue 6 :: Summer 1993]

Foucault’s Fictions

Paul Royall reviews Didier Eribon’s new biography of an anguished French genius.
[Issue 6 :: Summer 1993]

The Lost Continent of Europe

John Mann reviews An Introduction to Metaphysics: The Fundamental Questions edited by Andrew Schoedinger.
[Issue 5 :: Spring 1993]

Wittgenstein Books

Reviewed by Ralph Blumenau.
[Issue 5 :: Spring 1993]

The Sex Code by Francis Bennion

A review by Dahlian Kirby.
[Issue 5 :: Spring 1993]

What is Philosophy?

A review by Paul St. John Mackintosh.
[Issue 4 :: Autumn 1992]

The Cosmic Blueprint

A review by Desmond Tarrant.
[Issue 4 :: Autumn 1992]

Aristotelian Time-Share Salesmen

John Mann reviews The Recovery of the Soul by Kenneth Rankin
[Issue 4 :: Autumn 1992]

The Nature of Mind

A review by Tim Chappell.
[Issue 3 :: Summer 1992]

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