Themed Articles: American Pragmatism

Peirce and Sartre on Consciousness and the Ego

David Boersema describes how two very different thinkers were on the trail of similar ideas about the nature of consciousness.
[Issue 43: October/November 2003]

Dewey and the Democratic Way of Life

Kevin S. Decker on John Dewey’s unique political contribution.
[Issue 43: October/November 2003]

Charles Sanders Peirce: The Architect of Pragmatism

Cornelis de Waal on the man and his ideas.
[Issue 43: October/November 2003]

Art & Science Reconciled

Nikolaos Gkogkas on the aesthetics of Nelson Goodman.
[Issue 43: October/November 2003]

Richard Rorty’s Pragmatic Patriotism

Carol Nicholson on the need for a different kind of national pride.
[Issue 43: October/November 2003]

An Introduction to Classic American Pragmatism

Raymond Pfeiffer, who edited this issue, takes a look at the scope of the Pragmatic tradition.
[Issue 43: October/November 2003]


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