Themed Articles: Bioethics

Lessons (Not) Learned

Robert Card on the ethics of medical care at the end of life.
[Issue 55: May/June 2006]

On Altruistic Living Kidney Donation

Kidney specialist Mahendra Govani recommends a particular variety of evolved ethical behaviour.
[Issue 55: May/June 2006]

Xenotransplantation: For and Against

by Ololade Olakanmi and Laura Purdy
[Issue 55: May/June 2006]

Bioethics Now

Jeffrey Spike explains the place of medical ethics within bioethics and in relation to philosophy.
[Issue 55: May/June 2006]

Three Guys with Failing Organs vs One Guy with Good Organs

Michael Voytinsky finds another take on a classic utilitarian dilemma.
[Issue 55: May/June 2006]


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