Themed Articles: Charles Darwin

Social Spencerism

Tim Delaney relates how Herbert Spencer, inventor of the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’, originally applied evolutionary thinking to human society and culture.
[Issue 71: January/February 2009]

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

Sherrie Lyons revisits Evolution and Ethics by Thomas Henry Huxley, Darwin’s most energetic defender and the coiner of the word ‘agnostic’.
[Issue 71: January/February 2009]

Purpose, Meaning & Darwinism

Mary Midgley meditates on mind and meaning among the mutations.
[Issue 71: January/February 2009]

Darwin On Moral Intelligence

Vincent di Norcia applies his mental powers to Darwin’s moral theory.
[Issue 71: January/February 2009]

The Evolution of Evolutionary Theory

Massimo Pigliucci recounts the history of the theories of evolution, and asks whether evolutionary biology has ever shifted paradigms.
[Issue 71: January/February 2009]


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