Themed Articles: Continental Thoughts

The Concept of the Other from Kant to Lacan

Peter Benson looks at how continental minds see how we see other minds.
[Issue 127: August/September 2018]

What is Derrida Saying to Us?

Mike Sutton gives us his present interpretation of Derrida’s traces.
[Issue 127: August/September 2018]

Foucault’s Elephant

Thomas Morrison looks hard at Michel Foucault’s problem with science.
[Issue 127: August/September 2018]

A Radical Cure: Hannah Arendt & Simone Weil on the Need for Roots

Scott Remer thinks we arendt happy without a community and considers the complete reconstruction of the modern world to be well worth weil.
[Issue 127: August/September 2018]

Georges Bataille’s Experience

Michael Mocatta finds a practical aid for recovery from addiction in a philosophy of extreme experience.
[Issue 127: August/September 2018]


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