Themed Articles: Education

Of Adolescents and The Aristotle

Michael J. Brown finds assumptions challenged in his Philosophy Club.
[Issue 63: September/October 2007]

What is it to be a Human Knower?

Jan Derry wants to know what it is to know.
[Issue 63: September/October 2007]

Teaching Philosophy vs Teaching To Philosophise

Pablo Cevallos Estarellas reviews the developments that caused professional to triumph over amateur philosophy in education, and proposes a way forward.
[Issue 63: September/October 2007]

Climbing the Real Mountain

Rebecca Glass on the importance of fables of ‘the really real world’.
[Issue 63: September/October 2007]

Philosophising About Moral Education

Graham Haydon thinks about what it is to think about moral education.
[Issue 63: September/October 2007]

Playing Nice and Teaching Good

Carolyn Suchy-Dicey considers the dilemma of teaching moral autonomy.
[Issue 63: September/October 2007]


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