Themed Articles: Green Philosophy

The Metaphysics of Nature

Rich Grego compares John Dewey’s and Martin Heidegger’s views on ecology.
[Issue 65: January/February 2008]

Mocking Nature

Paul Keeling reacts with a Green perspective on religious insult.
[Issue 65: January/February 2008]

GM vs Climate Change

Andrew Lewis considers the ethics of using GM to help prevent global warming.
[Issue 65: January/February 2008]

The Ancient Cynics: The First Environmentalists

Tim Madigan asks, why did the featherless biped cross the road?
[Issue 65: January/February 2008]

Are Philosophers Responsible for Global Warming?

Nicholas Maxwell says we need a total rethink concerning the way we think.
[Issue 65: January/February 2008]


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