Themed Articles: Heresy

Fundamentals, Islamists and the West

Imadaldin Al-Jubouri considers how some Muslim fundamentalists justify their aggressiveness – by misreading the Qur’an, among other things.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006]

The Truth about Heresy?

Grant Bartley lays down the law in favour of the ‘right’ sort of heresy.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006]

Spinoza: Cursed be he by day; and cursed be he by night

Three hundred and fifty years ago, Spinoza was excommunicated. This affords Peter Cave the excuse to remind us of this most tolerant philosopher – of his life, metaphysics and humanity.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006]

Heavenly Eviction

John Donnelly reminds us that people are only tenants in Heaven by the grace of God.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006]

The End of Suffering

Pleasure for the People! Katherine Power considers whether there should be more opiates for the masses (including opium?), but settles for nuts and seeds.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006]

William of Ockham: Defending the Church, Condemning the Pope

Ian Smith on why Ockham thought the Pope wasn’t a Catholic.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006]

Phenomenology as a Mystical Discipline

Colin Wilson explores the more provocative side of existentialism.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006]

Why Spinoza?

Richard Mason on a thinker who stood at the intersection of many histories and traditions.
[Issue 35: March/April 2002]

The Meaning of Life

Daniel Hill argues that without God, life would be meaningless.
[Issue 35: March/April 2002]

Pluralism: The Many Maps Model

Mary Midgley says that branches of knowledge are like maps – each answers a different set of questions so they can’t necessarily all be ‘reduced’ to physics.
[Issue 35: March/April 2002]

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