Themed Articles: Immanuel Kant

What You Need to Read Before You Read Kant

22nd April 2024 is the 300th birthday of Immanuel Kant. Anja Steinbauer introduces the man and gets you ready for his three Critiques.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

Kant the (P)Russian Philosopher?

Robert R. Clewis considers present implications of Kant’s Russian connections.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

Kant & Love

Ivan Iyer has a beautiful Kantian understanding of love.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

Kant’s Political Philosophy

Matt Qvortrup explains how the Enlightenment’s leading philosopher went looking for a bit of peace.
[Issue 150: June/July 2022]

In Search of an Ethical Roadmap

Samantha Neave explores how to be a good person, with the help of Immanuel Kant and the Tooth Fairy.
[Issue 150: June/July 2022]

Kant’s Theory of Human Dignity

Matt McManus explains why people have absolute worth.
[Issue 150: June/July 2022]

Did Kant Solve Skepticism?

Thomas Morrison asks just what Kant learned from his Critique of Pure Reason.
[Issue 150: June/July 2022]

Transcending Kant

Joshua Mozersky argues that reality itself might be accessible to us.
[Issue 150: June/July 2022]

Kant on Space

Pinhas Ben-Zvi thinks Kant was inconsistent in his revolutionary ideas about the nature of space and time.
[Issue 49: January/February 2005]

Kant versus Hume on the Necessary Connection

Stuart Greenstreet finds that free will and determinism really do go together.
[Issue 49: January/February 2005]

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