Themed Articles: Literature

What is an Author?

What’s in a name? Marnie Binder asks if it matters who’s writing, and other questions of authorship.
[Issue 60: March/April 2007]

Why Emerson is Much Too Smart to be a Philosopher

Nancy Bunge considers Emerson as a philosopher, to show that he is a poet.
[Issue 60: March/April 2007]

Derrida: Thinking The Impossible

Roger Caldwell considers whether it’s possible to consider Derrida.
[Issue 60: March/April 2007]

Fictional Truths

Tony Milligan tells a story about the idea of implied truths in fiction.
[Issue 60: March/April 2007]

A Position On Derrida

Nazenin Ruso explains where and why he agrees with Derrida’s approach to texts.
[Issue 60: March/April 2007]

Don Quixote and The Narrative Self

Stefán Snaevarr asks, are our identities created by narratives?
[Issue 60: March/April 2007]


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