Themed Articles: Logic

How To Be Much Cleverer Than All Your Friends (so they really hate you)

Part I: Design for a Superbeing. By Mike Alder.
[Issue 51: June/July 2005]

Analogies, Slippery Slopes & the Prohibition of Cannabis

Robert Davies applies some critical thinking to an old debate.
[Issue 51: June/July 2005]

The Liar Lied

Neil Lefebvre and Melissa Schehlein give an intuitive solution to the famous Liar Paradox.
[Issue 51: June/July 2005]

A Logical Vacation

Julia Nefsky on the curiously strong connections between logic and humour.
[Issue 51: June/July 2005]

Symbols Made Simple

A quick and friendly introduction to symbolic logic by Stephen Szanto.
[Issue 51: June/July 2005]


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