Themed Articles: Medieval Philosophy

Ibn Khaldun and the Philosophy of History

Imadaldin Al-Jubouri on the medieval Islamic philosopher who pioneered the scientific understanding of history.
[Issue 50: March/April 2005]

An Introduction to Medieval Philosophy

Mark Daniels introduces a whole millenium of ideas.
[Issue 50: March/April 2005]

The Perplexing Nature of the Guide for the Perplexed

Mark Daniels introduces the most famous work of Moses Maimonides and asks – was he a philosopher, a heretic or a mystic?
[Issue 50: March/April 2005]

The Aquinas Inquiry

What would the medieval philosophers who developed the theory of a Just War have thought about the invasion of Iraq? Ian Dungate imagines their response.
[Issue 50: March/April 2005]

Talking About God

In which Mark Goldblatt starts off by discussing Thomas Aquinas and ends up by killing theology.
[Issue 50: March/April 2005]

The Carolingians

Stephen Stewart on a forgotten golden age of philosophy.
[Issue 50: March/April 2005]

Finding a Philosophy in Leonardo

Chad Trainer on Leonardo da Vinci as a philosopher.
[Issue 50: March/April 2005]


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