Themed Articles: Philosophy Around the World

Interview with Tu Wei-ming

Harvard philosopher Tu Wei-ming is the most famous advocate of the Confucian tradition outside China. Anja Steinbauer talked to him in Boston.
[Issue 23: Spring 1999]

Philosophy in Uzbekistan

[Issue 23: Spring 1999]

Philosophy as Teaching & Therapy in Sankara

In a talk to Philosophy For All in London, Trevor Leggett explained the ideas of Sankara, one of the greatest commentators on the Upanishads and a major figure in the history of Indian philosophy.
[Issue 23: Spring 1999]

African Philosophy

For years debate has raged among African philosophers: does Africa have a distinct philosophical tradition, and if so, what is its nature? Rick Lewis asked Emmanuel Eze, who though based in the United States is a leading figure on the African philosophical scene.
[Issue 23: Spring 1999]

It Was Islam That Did It

Edward Ingram explains the West’s debt to the Islamic philosophers.
[Issue 23: Spring 1999]


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