Themed Articles: Philosophy and Language

Mind Your Language!

Two philosophical traditions with an interest in common.
[Issue 100: January/February 2014]

Do Languages Exist?

And how does language work anyway? Antony Tomlinson weighs the arguments.
[Issue 100: January/February 2014]

How To Understand Words

Robert Horner tells us how, and then gives a linguistic philosopher’s view of the meaning of ‘the right to bear arms’.
[Issue 100: January/February 2014]

Derrida On Language

Peter Benson tells us what language is and isn’t according to Jacques Derrida.
[Issue 100: January/February 2014]

To Express It Is To Explain It

Akilesh Ayyar explains Proust’s and Deleuze’s takes on enigmatic messages.
[Issue 100: January/February 2014]


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