Themed Articles: Philosophy & Love

Is Love An Art?

Kathleen O’Dwyer asks if we can learn how to love, with Erich Fromm and friends.
[Issue 85: July/August 2011]

Feuerbach: Love & Atheism

Van Harvey considers an unusual critique of Christian love.
[Issue 85: July/August 2011]

The Fourfold Loves of C.S. Lewis and Benedict XVI

David Goicoechea compares two Christian understandings of love.
[Issue 85: July/August 2011]

Eros In Plato

Alfred Geier uncovers the erotic side of Socratic philosophy.
[Issue 85: July/August 2011]

Singer & Santayana On Love

Tim Madigan considers the ideals and the realities of love.
[Issue 85: July/August 2011]


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