Themed Articles: Philosophy and Sport

Sports and Drugs (and rock and roll?)

Jessie Burdick wonders whether it is cheating for athletes to take dietary supplements, and we ask you, the reader, to tell us what you think.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]

You’ll Swing For This!

Adam Carter examines the most morally corrupting sport of all.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]

Sport and Moral Relativity

Hal Charnofsky argues that in a society obsessed with competition, sport is bad for our souls.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]

Sports and Deviant Behavior

Guest editor Tim Delaney introduces our Sports issue and explains why studying the misdemeanors of athletes can throw light on the problems the rest of us face.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]

The Kantian Coach

Tim Madigan thinks that Immanuel Kant wouldn’t have made a very popular coach, but would have worked wonders for the spirit of fair play.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]

Apologia Pro Pugilatione

Gordon Marino claims that great virtues can be learned in the ring.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]

Wrestling with Ideas

by Peter Rickman (a.k.a.“The Professor”)
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]

If Life is Finite, Why am I Watching this Damn Game?

Kenneth Shouler discusses the aesthetics of sports and the nature of choices.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003]


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