Themed Articles: Philosophy in Russia

“What is to be Done?”

Anna Arutunyan on the lack of agency in contemporary Russia.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]

Sociological Reflections on Contemporary Moscow

Tim Delaney shares some observations from his trip to Moscow for the 4th Congress of Philosophy.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]

Tolstoy’s Theory of Nonviolence

Academician Abdusalam A. Guseinov on pacificism and the perspective of the infinite beginning.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]

The Fourth Russian Philosophy Congress

So what are the problems that interest Russian thinkers today? Anna Kostikova and Elena Kosilova answer this question with a roundup of the topics discussed at the biggest gathering of Russian philosophers in history.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]

An American in Moscow

Tim Madigan reports from the 4th Russian Congress of Philosophy.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]

Modern Communication, Culture & Philosophy

Vladimir Mironov on semiotics and postmodernism in a shrinking world.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]

Models of Moral Activity

Alexander Razin considers why people act morally (when they do).
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]

Knowledge & Wisdom in the Globalizing World

In his opening address to the Russian Philosophy Congress, Victor Sadovnichiy spoke of sagacity and sophiology.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006]


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