Themed Articles: Pop Culture

We Get To Carry Each Other: U2 and Kierkegaard on Authentic Love

Mike Austin listens to Bono while reading Kierkegaard, and discovers that they have the same soul.
[Issue 64: November/December 2007]

Operation Rebirth: Captain America and the Ethics of Enhancement

Major Todd A. Burkhardt considers under what circumstances it would be morally right to bioengineer super-soldiers.
[Issue 64: November/December 2007]

Pop Culture: An Overview

Tim Delaney sets the scene for our philosophical consideration of popular stuff.
[Issue 64: November/December 2007]

The Pop Culture Manifesto

William Irwin on philosophy as/and/of popular culture.
[Issue 64: November/December 2007]

The Piratical Philosophy of Freedom

David White hoists his mainbrace and shivers his timbers.
[Issue 64: November/December 2007]


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