Themed Articles: Psychology

The Full Revelation of the Self: Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Birth of Deep Autobiography

Peter Abbs recounts how Rousseau undertook a psychological self-examination a century before psychoanalysis.
[Issue 68: July/August 2008]

Psychoanalysis & Philosophy (II)

Eva Cybulska on Freud’s unconscious debt to Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.
[Issue 68: July/August 2008]

The Blood of the 3,000

Jeffrey Gordon reflects on 9/11, and sees that it didn’t wake us.
[Issue 68: July/August 2008]

Psychoanalysis & Philosophy (I)

Cathal Horan analyses Freud through the eyes of Hegel and Schopenhauer.
[Issue 68: July/August 2008]

Happiness, Virtue and Tyranny

Matthew Pianalto looks at the difference between psychological and philosophical concepts of happiness.
[Issue 68: July/August 2008]


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