Themed Articles: Reading, Writing, Thinking

Reading Jane Austen as a Moral Philosopher

Thomas Rodham keenly observes Jane Austen’s exacting ethical expertise.
[Issue 94: January/February 2013]

Democracy & Tragedy

Mark Chou argues that the performance of tragedies helped establish democracy.
[Issue 94: January/February 2013]

“Nobody Said Anything”

Meghan Bidwell ponders language and silence in the short stories of Raymond Carver and Ernest Hemingway.
[Issue 94: January/February 2013]

The Twin Souls of Oscar Wilde and Friedrich Nietzsche

Yahia Lababidi meditates on the aesthetics and ethics of two great contrarians.
[Issue 94: January/February 2013]

I Re-Read, Therefore I Understand

Kimberly Blessing tells us René Descartes’ advice on reading philosophy.
[Issue 94: January/February 2013]


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