Themed Articles: Science Connections

Help Wanted: Philosopher required to sort out Reality

Apply to Mike Alder or any school of physics.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007]

The Near Death Experience as Evidence for Life After Death

A dialogue by Stafford Betty.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007]

Is Philosophy Progressive?

Some say that one of the main differences between science and philosophy is that science makes progress while philosophers go round in circles endlessly discussing the same questions. Toni Vogel Carey isn’t convinced.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007]

Richard Feynman: Accidental Philosopher

Stephen Doty says the scientist was a philosopher, whether he liked it or not.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007]

No Consolation For Kalashnikov

John Forge considers the moral dilemma of the weapons designer.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007]

Philosophy, Science, And Everything In Between

Massimo Pigliucci at the 2006 Philosophy of Science meeting in Vancouver.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007]

The Structure of Musical Revolutions

Edward Slowik investigates Kuhn’s philosophy of science through an analogy.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007]


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