Themed Articles: The Arts

Performance Is The Thing

Dzifa Benson is compelled to consider the nature of performance.
[Issue 57: September/October 2006]

Dasein And The Arts

So how do you apply philosophical principles to think about art? An example can be derived from an unlikely source. Reneh Karamians uses Heidegger’s philosophy as an illustration of how to understand aesthetic experience.
[Issue 57: September/October 2006]

Art As Sensation: Four Painters As Philosophers Of Art

Patricia Railing explains the philosophical ideas behind some of abstract art’s most famous abstractions.
[Issue 57: September/October 2006]

How Do Pictures Represent?

Marek Soszynski considers whether it couldn’t look like resemblance after all.
[Issue 57: September/October 2006]

Aesthetics and Philosophy: A Match Made in Heaven?

To introduce our art issue, Anja Steinbauer describes the troubled relationship between art and theory.
[Issue 57: September/October 2006]

Art (and Philosophy) and the Ultimate Aims of Human Life

Raymond Tallis is hungry to expand human consciousness through art.
[Issue 57: September/October 2006]

Music & Emotion

Why do we feel emotion when listening to music? Ben Ushedo goes beyond emotivist and cognitivist approaches to answer this intriguing question.
[Issue 57: September/October 2006]


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