Themed Articles: The Impact of Science

The Ethics of Terraforming

Terraforming is the artificial transformation of other planets into places suitable for human habitation. A good thing, surely? Paul York argues that terraforming isn’t as ethically straightforward as you might think.
[Issue 38: October/November 2002]

On Simplicity & Complexity

Phillip Hoffmann gives a simple introduction to a complex subject.
[Issue 38: October/November 2002]

Baby Products

Neill Furr on some of the mistakes people make when thinking about reproduction.
[Issue 38: October/November 2002]

What’s New in Philosophy of Science?

So what’s going on in philosophy of science at the moment? Bora Dogan describes some of the current highlights.
[Issue 38: October/November 2002]

A Late Disciple of Lucretius

Colin Bennett on the eternally surprising Charles Fort.
[Issue 38: October/November 2002]

A Brief History of… Philosophy of Science

Rick Lewis describes what philosophers have thought about science over the last century and a half.
[Issue 38: October/November 2002]


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