Themed Articles: The Issues

Carbon Copies

Neill Furr examines the various arguments against human cloning and finds them all flawed. He says we should proceed with caution, but doesn’t think cloning should be banned.
[Issue 44: January/February 2004]

Pax Americana

David Gamez thinks we need to revise the theory of Just Wars to say when it is and when it isn’t permissible to impose utopia by force.
[Issue 44: January/February 2004]

Darwin’s Rottweiler & the Public Understanding of Science

Peter Williams claims that Richard Dawkins is a good writer but a poor logician, and attempts to prove it with examples of some formal fallacies.
[Issue 44: January/February 2004]

Shock the Monkey

Confessions of a Rational Animal Liberationist by Jeremy Yunt.
[Issue 44: January/February 2004]


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