Themed Articles: War

The ‘War of Good Against Evil’

Raimond Gaita on racism, religion and the motives of suicide bombers.
[Issue 37: August/September 2002]

Mutually Assured Destruction

With the conflict between India and Pakistan reaching a point of crisis, the threat of nuclear war is once again on the minds of many. Duncan Richter, Dylan Suzanne and Robert M. Martin discuss the logic behind the Cold War and the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction.
[Issue 37: August/September 2002]

Armistice Day Reflections

Bob Sharpe asks what it is to die for one’s country.
[Issue 37: August/September 2002]

Return to Iron Mountain

David Limond takes a critical look at arguments in support of war.
[Issue 37: August/September 2002]


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