Themed Articles: Ways of Knowing

Is Psychology Science?

Peter Rickman tells us why it isn’t.
[Issue 74: July/August 2009]

Analytic versus Continental Philosophy

Kile Jones explains the differences between these ways of thinking.
[Issue 74: July/August 2009]

Would My Zen Master Fail Me For Writing This Article?

Patrick Cox tells us why Zen has to use words to get beyond words.
[Issue 74: July/August 2009]

Evaluating Scientific Theories

Russell Berg has fifteen criteria for scientificness and he knows how to use them.
[Issue 74: July/August 2009]

Paul Feyerabend And The Monster ‘Science’

Ian James Kidd introduces an iconic iconoclast of the philosophy of science.
[Issue 74: July/August 2009]


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