Themed Articles: West Meets East

Meditating with Descartes

Karen Parham asks how close Western philosophy gets to Buddhism.
[Issue 132: June/July 2019]

Some Solid Ideas

Bharatwaj Iyer examines substance with the help of Hume & Vedantic philosophy.
[Issue 132: June/July 2019]

Truth and the True

Joseph Sen on types of knowledge in Western and Indian thought.
[Issue 132: June/July 2019]

Seeing True Nature

John Worthington-Hill explores Buddhist environmental thought.
[Issue 132: June/July 2019]


Hiroshi Satow remains placid in the face of change.
[Issue 132: June/July 2019]

Is Karma a Law of Nature?

It seems Matthew Gindin is destined to ask, and answer, this question.
[Issue 132: June/July 2019]


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