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Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Philosophy in Britain is a national organisation recently established to promote the place of philosophy in the public and intellectual life of this country. we are exploring a number of different ways in which this might be done, and I have been commissioned to investigate further the idea of an association that would enable graduates in philosophy to retain and sustain their interest in the subject even when they have passed on to occupations elsewhere.

Having noticed your poster in my own department recently, I thought it might be worthwhile writing to you. I can imagine that a magazine such as you are proposing and an association such as I am investigating, might well co-operate to their mutual advantage. I would be very glad to know how Philosophy Now is progressing, and to see an issue or two if they are already in existence. (I will of course gladly pay for these.)

Yours sincerely,
Gordon Graham
Dept. of Moral Philosophy, University of St.Andrews,
St.Andrews, Fife, Scotland KY16 9AL

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