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This regular feature, which will start in earnest in Issue 2, aims to provide a brief round-up of what is being discussed in the scholarly journals of philosophy. By doing so, it will give the casual reader a superficial but up-to-the-minute summary of what is going on in philosophy. For professional philosophers it will lighten the onerous task of having to ‘keep up with the literature’, thus allowing them more time to get on with their real work, such as marking exam papers.

Analysis, March 1991. This journal consists of very short (<3000 word) articles and is used as a forum for debates. Sometimes the pieces are only a hundred or so words long, encapsulating a single argument. One such quickie from the current issue by Steven Cahn: what do you do if you own shares in a company which embarks on a course of action that you regard as immoral? If you keep your shares, then you are a party to the wrongdoing. If you sell them then you are ensuring that the buyer will do wrong instead. “So your wish to sell is the wish that someone else do wrong”. Cahn says there is no way for you to avoid doing wrong in this situation.

Philosophical Books, April 1991. Philosophical Books is a journal consisting solely of book reviews. Among the books reviewed in this issue are Socrates in the Apology (by C. Reeve), Explaining Human Action (K. Lennon) and Hayek and Modem Liberalism (C. Kukathas).

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