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The Game of Skeptics

by Philip Burchill

I came to philosophy in search of truth,
now all they say, is it’s a whole spoof.
You say how is this so? For what do they know?
The name of the game, all is the same.
Sounds anticlimactic, this isn't a tactic.
Reason reached a great height
& now it’s taking a flight.
Some philosophers have the audacity
to say that all is opacity.
Now if there's nothing to say!
what the hell is the pay?
what ruthless bloody skeptics
making everything hectic!
What did Nietzsche really teach ya?
Let his example be your sample.
Let's get back in joint
and straight to the point.
Philosophy is Odyssey,
now isn't it odd, you see?
‘The beginning is the end’,
so stop playing pretend!

© Philip Burchill 2023

Philip is an independent writer, poet, and associate pastor in Monterey, California. He holds two masters degrees, in psychology, and philosophical theology.

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