Issue 2

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Issue 2: Winter 1991


The Editor’s Bit

by Rick Lewis


News: Winter 1991


All in the Imagination

Is it healthy to have a realistic outlook on life? How might that affect, for example, your attitude to the arts? Michael Bulley considers some of the consequences of how we view the objective world.

Flew’s Moving Claims

by Roger Squires

Herd Philosophy and the Rhetoric of Enlightenment

by John Mann

Kindness in the Cold

Tony Skillen has an attack of altruism.

Precognition and Backwards Causation

by Keith Seddon

The Best of All Possible Next Worlds

by John Green

The Presence of Mind

Daniel Hutto on Causation, Naturalism and Folk Psychology.

The Very Real Ghost of a Demon

by Paul Tappenden

What Is This Thing Called Philosophy?

Bob Fitter asks what we are all doing, exactly.


Letters to the Editor

Lies and Nonsense • Wittgenstein’s Mind • Blatant Pornography


Recreating Sexual Politics by V.J. Seidler

A review by Geoff Wade.


Parenthetic Doubt

A newly discovered fragment of an early work by Descartes.

Us Poor People

by Mike Fuller

The Mirror’s Own Collapse

A short story by Mike Fuller.

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