Issue 23

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Issue 23: Spring 1999


Alien Ideas

by Rick Lewis


News: Spring 1999

Turing Statue • The Virtues of Cloning • Fending for Feminism • Trying Euthanasia • New Jobs for Thinkers — News Editor: Derrick Farnham

Report from Sarajevo

Dane R. Gordon reports from the Bosnian Paradigm Conference, November 18-20 1998.


African Philosophy

For years debate has raged among African philosophers: does Africa have a distinct philosophical tradition, and if so, what is its nature? Rick Lewis asked Emmanuel Eze, who though based in the United States is a leading figure on the African philosophical scene.

Interview with Tu Wei-ming

Harvard philosopher Tu Wei-ming is the most famous advocate of the Confucian tradition outside China. Anja Steinbauer talked to him in Boston.

It Was Islam That Did It

Edward Ingram explains the West’s debt to the Islamic philosophers.

Philosophy as Teaching & Therapy in Sankara

In a talk to Philosophy For All in London, Trevor Leggett explained the ideas of Sankara, one of the greatest commentators on the Upanishads and a major figure in the history of Indian philosophy.

Philosophy in Uzbekistan


Jesus, Pioneer of Post-Modern Ethics

A reply to Bob Harrison by Michael Williams.

Just Science Fiction?

Andrew Reynolds says not..

Must Philosophers Disagree?

Introducing a new series on great thinkers of the present as featured in the Library of Living Philosophers.

The Argument from Design

Did God make the world? Nick McDonnell explains why he doubts it.

What’s New in… Chinese Philosophy

Anja Steinbauer on modern developments in an ancient philosophical tradition.

Karl-Otto Apel

by Anja Steinbauer



God Knows • Computers and Intentions • Inside the Chinese Room • To Be Scientific • The Value of Life


Evolutionary Naturalism by Michael Ruse

Roger Caldwell looks at science with Michael Ruse.

Isaiah Berlin: A Life by Michael Ignatieff

Ralph Blumenau examines the open book of Isaiah Berlin’s life.

World Philosophies by Ninian Smart

Joseph Sen reviews a new book on the world’s philosophies.


The Only Ones

A short story by Alistair Fruish.

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