Issue 33

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Issue 33: September/October 2001



by Rick Lewis


News: September/October 2001

Spacebug Shock from Cardiff • Biker Gang Avenges Camus • The Brains in Bahrain • APA Centenary • Ape Film Angers Humans


Fashion Emergency!

Feminist theory has recently faced accusations of trendiness, but Marianne Janack and Michelle LaRocque leap to its defence.


Jezebel was a much-maligned woman, but Dane Gordon wonders if she really deserved such a bad name.

Why Feminists Should Oppose Feminist Virtue Ethics

Some feminists say women should forget old-fashioned ethical rules and focus on developing positive aspects of their characters. Not so, says Sarah Conly.

Women Philosophers

Therese Dykeman on a case for a Sherlock Holmes and Dorothy Sayers.


Carpal Knowledge

Raymond Tallis on the natural philosophy of the caress. It’s gripping stuff!

The Ethics of Tit-for-Tat

Massimo Pigliucci on game theory, rational egoism and the evolution of fairness.

The Man on the Clapham Omnibus Revisited

Who is this semi-mythical figure, and what does he really think? Tim Madigan decided that there was only one way to find out…

Wittgenstein’s Significance

Mark Cain on the 50th anniversary of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s death.

What’s New in… Philosophy of Language

The 20th century saw the complex relationship between language, mind and world become absolutely central to philosophy. Steven Geisz guides us through the debates, the different positions and the latest thinking.

Hilary Putnam


Mary Daly

Mary Daly is a world-renowned Radical Feminist philosopher, theologian and author.



Bombing Iraq • Intelligent Design – The Debate Continues • Milwaukee Confucianism • The Authentic Sartre • Rewards and Retribution • Quantized Brains • Why the sun looks bigger… • Why Be Moral?


Dear Socrates: A Symposium on Wisdom

Having returned from the turn of the Fourth Century B.C. to the turn of the Twenty-First A.D., Socrates has eagerly signed on as a Philosophy Now columnist so that he may continue to carry out his divinely-inspired dialogic mission.

Science & Philosophy: Vive la Différence!

by Joel Marks


Nature Loves to Hide by Shimon Malin

Sam Nico commends Shimon Malin’s illuminating look at the philosophy in quantum physics.

Quintessence: Realising the Archaic Future: A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto by Mary Daly

Terri Murray samples Mary Daly’s highly individual style and concludes that it enhances her ‘desperate’ message.


Does Hollywood sometimes get everything back-to-front? A new film called Memento certainly does. Our movie maestro Thomas Wartenberg takes a look.


The Meaning of Life: A tribute to the late Douglas Adams

Did you feel a tiny bit frustrated when Douglas Adams told us in The Hitchhikers’ Guide To the Galaxy that the meaning of life was 42? Tim LeBon did and wondered what interplanetary wanderer Arthur Dent might have concluded if he’d met some real philosophers.

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