Issue 4

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Issue 4: Autumn 1992


The Editor’s Bit

by Rick Lewis


News: Autumn 1992


A Job for Philosophy

Daniel Hutto proposes a coup.

AIDS and Sexual Morality : What is the Connection?

by Piers Benn

Another Determined Effort

Roger Squires continues the debate on free will and determinism.

Consequentialism and Abortion

by Tim Chappell

Philosophers in Workaday Form

J.L.H. Thomas reports from Reading on the 1992 Joint Session.

Postmodernism, Post Structuralism and ‘Enlightenment’

by Geoff Wade

The Prospects of Understanding for a Worm

Margaret Gullan-Whur advises Dr. Shenkman’s patients to read Spinoza.

Traffic Lights – A Modest Proposal

Nicholas Denyer shows how to improve traffic management by applying some ideas about induction and following rules.


Letters to the Editor

Nobody expects the… • Jagiellonian jinks • Chaotic choices • Replies to Shenkman


Aristotelian Time-Share Salesmen

John Mann reviews The Recovery of the Soul by Kenneth Rankin

The Cosmic Blueprint

A review by Desmond Tarrant.

What is Philosophy?

A review by Paul St. John Mackintosh.


The Case of the Novel Crime

Andrew Belsey tells it like it wasn’t.


by Nick Colton

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