Issue 5: Spring 1993


On Stupid Questions

by Rick Lewis


News: Spring 1993


A Feminist Interview with Friedrich Nietzsche

by Linda Williams

Mummy, mummy, what’s a Cynic?

Personhood and Erotic Experience

by Paul Gregory

Philosophy Glossary

Subsidiarity and Philosophy

John Crosthwaite probes the hidden logic of some Eurospeak.

The Logic of Magic

Mike Fuller makes sense of magic as a system of thought.

The Philosopher as Detective

Colin Harper investigates the case of Ernst Bloch.

Value, Ideology and Context

by Geoff Wade


Grand Philosophy Quiz

Questions by J.L.H. Thomas.


Letters to the Editor

Right to Choose • Free Will vs Determinism, Round 5 • Long White Beards • Philosophy and Politics


The Sex Code by Francis Bennion

A review by Dahlian Kirby.

The Lost Continent of Europe

John Mann reviews An Introduction to Metaphysics: The Fundamental Questions edited by Andrew Schoedinger.

Wittgenstein Books

Reviewed by Ralph Blumenau.



by J.P.M. Benstead

The Weeping Philosopher

by Andrew Belsey

The Philosopher’s Stone

by Geoffrey Scarre

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