Issue 6

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Issue 6: Summer 1993


On Moral Panic

by Rick Lewis


News: Summer 1993


Certain Angelic Characteristics of Computers

Howard Kainz thinks the Ghost in the Machine might in fact be an angel.


How to Write Like a Philosopher

Bob Fitter introduces a new labour-saving device.

In Defence of Subsidiarity

George MacDonald Ross says it pays to increase your word-power.

Is the Mind Physical?: Dissecting Conscious Brain Tissue

by Peter Lloyd

Philosophy Glossary

This glossary contains just a few of the more popular terms from moral philosophy.

Surgery Reflections

In a letter in Issue 3 Dr. John Shenkman said that philosophers were failing his patients, who needed real answers to real philosophical questions. The response was considerable. Here Dr. Shenkman explains his own philosophy.

The Gentle and Easy Death

Piers Benn on the ethics of euthanasia.

The Necessity of Moral Realism

According to M.E. Fox and A.C.F.A. d’Avalos, logic dictates that at least some moral propositions must be true.

What Shall We Tell The Children?

An interview with National Curriculum Council Chairman David Pascall.

When Does Believing Become Knowing?

Valerie Mackenzie pins down the difference with some examples.


Letters to the Editor

The Philosopher as Politician? • Whose Right? • Waugh Cry • Classical Misunderstanding • Existential need • Nietzsche Trail • But is it wrong to commit howlers?


Animal Wrongs?

Nicholas Everitt reviews a new book on Animal Experimentation edited by Robert Baird and Stuart Rosenbaum.

Foucault’s Fictions

Paul Royall reviews Didier Eribon’s new biography of an anguished French genius.

The End?

Mike Fuller reviews Fukuyama’s controversial book The End of History and the Last Man.

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