Issue 66

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Issue 66: March/April 2008


Me, Paranoid? Who told you?

by Rick Lewis


News: March/April 2008

News reports by Sue Roberts.


Death of the Author and the web identity crisis

Zachary Colbert spins a story of power and deceit brought to you via your computer.

Is War Inevitable?

Jeffrey Gordon rereads a correspondence on war between Einstein and Freud.

Stop Kidding Yourself: Kierkegaard on Self-Deception

Gordon Marino explains how we talk ourselves out of doing the right thing.

What Price Privacy?

John Goff wonders what the real cost of privacy is in the modern world.


Absurdity, God and the sad chimps we are

James DuBois wonders whether meaning can be found in the face of the apparent absurdity of life.

An Argument About Free Will

Luke Pollard and Rebecca Massey-Chase dialogue about freedom vs determinism.

Atlas Shrugged @ 50+

Tibor Machan considers the continuing appeal of the moral philosophy of Ayn Rand, more than fifty years after the publication of her greatest work.

Remembering Peter Hare (1935-2008)

John Corcoran, Alexander Razin and Tim Madigan pay tribute to their friend.

Thracymacus Buys A House

Plato’s astounding legendary lost dialogue is translated with an introductory note by Mark Cyzyk, Master of the College of Antiquities at the University of Vlastos.



Our twentieth tortuous tangle of tendentious texts tautly twisted together by Deiradiotes.



Intelligent Responses • Seeing Red For Green • Resistance is Profitable • Operation Peace • Not Choosing But Drowning • No Philosophy • No Excuse • No Surprise • No History, Please!


Dear Socrates

Having traveled from the turn of the Fourth Century B.C. to the turn of the Twenty-First Century A.D., Socrates has eagerly signed on as a Philosophy Now columnist so that he may continue to carry out his divinely-inspired dialogic mission.

The Warrant Report

Tim Madigan on the philosophers who investigated the Kennedy assassination.

Whose Environment Is It?

by Joel Marks

A Transcendental Philosophy of Science?

Our philosophical science correspondent Massimo Pigliucci reports.

On Not Choosing The Alternative

Raymond Tallis reflects on living longer.


Fear Of Knowledge by Paul Boghossian

Steve Wood has no fear of Paul Boghossian.

Freedom and Neurobiology by John Searle

Richard Corrigan freely ponders John Searle’s thoughts on free will.

Defining Violence

Terri Murray on Wim Wenders and panoptic power.


Makes You Paranoid

Terry Hand takes an Underground ride into a psychological abyss.

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