Issue 82

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Issue 82: January/February 2011


W(h)ither Morality?

by Joel Marks


News: January/February 2011

Philosophy Day row irks Iran • Mindreading computers • Philodcasts? • French toddlers play with ideas — News reports by Sue Roberts


Making An Effort To Understand

David Wong illustrates moral relativism with some telling examples.

Moral Fictionalism

Richard Joyce on what happens when falsehoods are too useful to throw out.

Morality is a Culturally Conditioned Response

Jesse Prinz argues that the source of our moral inclinations is merely cultural.

Morality: The Final Delusion?

Richard Garner says it’s about time we got rid of it.


Hawking contra Philosophy

Christopher Norris presents a case for the defence.

On The Soul

Mark Goldblatt gets animated about his self.

The Existence of God: Two New Proofs

Lawrence Crocker examines the logic of hope.

What is Liberalism?

Phil Badger guides us through the varieties of liberalism, historical and philosophical.

Why Doesn’t Aristotle Accept My Facebook Friendship Request?

Would Aristotle’s Facebook contacts really be his friends? asks Alan Rolle.



Our thirty-sixth set of seemingly sorcerous semantics sublimely sorted by Deiradiotes.



Free Debate • Splitter • Marks’ Manifesto • Russell Reaching Wilson’s Peak • Complementary Letters • Warning Signs • Memorybox • Still God Bothered


Coulda Woulda Shoulda

by Joel Marks

I Heard The News That Day

Tim Madigan reflects on the murder of John Lennon.

Biological Reasons For Being Cheerful

Raymond Tallis puts an instinctive smile on your face.


The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

Emily Anne Parker has a second look at The Second Sex.

The Uses Of Pessimism and the Danger of False Hope by Roger Scruton

Roger Caldwell scrutinizes Scruton.

Cape Fear

Terri Murray observes Scorsese’s battle of moralities.



Yahia Lababidi’s multiple philosophies speak gently to us.

On Reviving Socrates

by Andrea Nicki

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